Hurst’s famous pubs tug of war contest staging comeback

Hurst Show and Country Fayre’s famous pubs tug of war contest is staging a comeback.

Muscles are being massaged and, if not, pints are being lifted in preparation. The competition is the first day of the show, Saturday June 24 at 4pm.

Tug of war organiser Gaby Gregory said: “In Hurst we’re lucky enough to have five pubs. We’re hoping all of them can compete. We look forward to their regulars and signing up for their pub’s team.”

Show chair Sue Payne said: “Tugs of war are very popular highlights of the show. We have boys v girls, parents v children, mums v dads.

“More recently we have had a Hurst pubs contest though sadly there was not enough interest last year. This year we’re a lot more hopeful.”

Two years ago the winners of the silver cup were The Castle Inn. Landlord Matt Brown said: “We look forward to defending the cup which we hold and have won at least twice.”

But Daryl Cooper, landlord of The Wheelwrights Arms, said: “We are determined to win this year. Our regulars are absolutely in training. They’re having plenty of right arm practice, lifting a beer.”

Tug of War

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