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What you thought of the 2018 Show:

“What a fantastic weekend with the amazing Crew and meeting so many wonderful people. Thank you all.”
Dave Clarke (visitor)
“Lovely day at the Hurst Show and Country Fayre!”
Davis Tate (sponsor)
“Thank you for a very enjoyable day. Each year the Hurst Show and Country Fayre gets better and better. It is our favourite classic car show. Thank you for your hard work and all the people involved in making a wonderful village show.”
Helen & Derek Bunce (exhibitor)
“Just to say how much I enjoyed visiting the show today as part of Second Wind. It was great fun to play for the event and there was so much to see. Hopefully, we can do it again next year!!”
Matthew Rayner (performer)
“This is one of my favourite events”
Maddi (stallholder)
“The show was lovely — such a friendly and interesting event. I really liked the way there were lots of stalls in the middle of the first field — it was easy to see what was there. The Ukuladies were great and I thoroughly enjoyed the bell ringing. The compere is just fantastic. The hobby horse racing was charming!”
Mary (performer)
“I liked the old tractors display: the children loved sitting on them. I enjoyed the show, it was very well organised.”
Chris (visitor)
“Thank you for letting me be part of it, my favourite job of the year.”
Paul (vendor)
“We went early yesterday and really enjoyed it”
Claire Howells (visitor)
“Thank you for allowing Elements to perform again this year at the Hurst show. We all had a great day and the performers really enjoyed their time. If you will have us, we would love to perform again next year.”
Joanna Beasley (performer)
“Great time at the Show yesterday”
Lynn (visitor)
“Just a quick email to say how much we enjoyed playing on Sunday. Many thanks for all your efforts. Looking forward to next year!”
Gill (performer)
“Rosy and I really enjoyed our day!!”
Tracy-Jane Mcgifford (visitor)

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